About Us


This is a little bit About Us

Mr and Mrs Clean is owned and operated by  Sonia Bell (Gold Coast Local) and has been operational for over ten years from her Ashmore base.Sonia Bell Owmer

Mr and Mrs Clean came about by seeing a need in the market for professional but affordable cleaning service on the Gold Coast. We saw that the market needed professionalism without the high costs.

Occupational Health and Safety

Mr and Mrs Clean recognises its obligations under Occupational Health and Safety legislation to provide a safe and healthy place of work for employees.

The company is committed to establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement aimed at elimination of work related injury and illness and to comply with relevant OHS legislation and other requirements placed upon the company from time to time. The company will make every effort in the areas of accident prevention, hazard control and removal, injury protection, health preservation and promotion, to achieve a safe workplace and will encourage its contractors and clients to do the same.

We believe that health and safety at work is a shared responsibility for all employees and that the success of any health and safety program ultimately rests on the willingness of everyone to work co-operatively and with a team spirit. Managers and supervisors will prepare, communicate and implement safety plans, including safety training as required. They will consider safety as the prime factor when designing and implementing all work systems.

All employees are also responsible for their own safety and that of their fellow employees. They must take immediate action to minimise the danger from any unsafe condition and ensure that their supervisor or manager is advised accordingly.